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I think so. I do think, however, that sometimes it’s the love of your life for a reason, or perhaps just a season. And yes, for a lucky few, it is for a lifetime. Until death do they part.

The other night I witnessed a moving tribute exemplifying the latter. I was fortunate enough to be present at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, where Buffy Ford Stewart and the John Stewart Band performed a tribute show for what would have been John’s 75th birthday. John, best known from the Kingston Trio, died 7 years ago from a stroke at the age of 68. “John was my first love,” Buffy says, “my one and only love.” They were together for 43 years until he died.

Buffy herself is a survivor of several cancers and various surgeries, not to mention the loss of her great love. The evening was even more meaningful for me because Buffy was my first singing teacher when I was just 10 years old. She knew my family, and back in 1971/72 she recorded three songs that my mom composed. After her show, I had the honor of reconnecting with her, and the pleasure of giving her a CD of those songs that she sang over 40 years ago.

Buffy’s and John’s relationship is a storybook love story. It is rare to find a love so strong; a love that sustains through the best and worst of times. I have been blessed to know a handful of couples who have successfully ducked divorce or death, and others whose second or third time around seems to be the life-long charm.

I recently wrote about the loss of someone very important to me. At the age of 87, Mirk passed away in June, on the day of his 60th wedding anniversary. Marcia and Mirk had been planning their anniversary party for over a year, which was scheduled for a couple of weeks later. Marcia decided that the party should go on as planned, as a celebration of their life together.

Five months prior, I visited them with my video camera in tow, to interview them about their secrets for staying married almost 60 years. I asked about their thoughts on love, how to get through tough times, and the keys to living a happy fulfilling life. Then in June when Mirk passed away, I realized I had a treasure residing in my laptop that needed to be shared. I asked Marcia if I could create a DVD from that interview as a tribute to him and their marriage to be shown at the anniversary party. She responded with a resounding, “Yes!” So, with almost 100 family members and friends gathered around, we watched them in action.

Secrets to a long-term marriage

DVD cover and label designed by: Compu-Graphics. Email:


There was laughter and there were tears. Seeing people’s emotional responses and receiving many requests to create a living memory on DVD for other families, made me realize that there is a need and incalculable value in creating DVD’s such as this. Interviews with family members or special friends for their anecdotes, grandma and/or grandpa telling their stories, challenges, dating tales, advice and secrets of life. Capturing moments in time leaving a legacy for children, grandchildren, other family members and friends to cherish forever, from generation to generation: Priceless.



Secrets to a long-term marriage

DVD cover and label designed by: Compu-Graphics. Email:












Secrets to a long-term marriage

DVD cover and label designed by: Compu-Graphics. Email:


This idea is so new, that I have no name for it yet, and I am welcoming your suggestions! In fact, if I choose the name you submit, I will produce a DVD for you and your family for half price! So please email me your ideas for a name and/or to talk with me about preserving the stories, wisdom and personalities of your family members, creating a priceless gift for your family. I can be reached at:


And once again, with Marcia’s permission, I invite you to watch below and see “Marcia & Mirk in Rare Form.”


Secrets to a long-term marriage

DVD cover and label designed by: Compu-Graphics. Email:



Here’s to keeping our family stories, history, and loved ones, alive!






Ladies and Gentleman, the incomparable Marcia and Mirk:


  1. Buster says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Such wonderful words of wisdom from Marcia and Mirk. They have a lot to teach all of us about how to get along with each other. Good bye Mirk, and thank you! Thank you for sharing this Nancy. What a great idea to record “Living Legacies”!!!! I wish you all the best with this endeavor.

  2. Debra says:

    I love hearing stories of True Love – I always think of Princess Bride.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hal Spielman says:

    Great Idea. Think it will get picked up along with the photo display at funerals but is far more meaningful. Can see it being played at Wakes. It is in many ways more meaningful than the photo shoot at a wedding since it displays a lifetime. HAL


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