My vision is to see You Want me to What?! become a series of books covering many different topics that women experience day-to-day, and year-to-year. Sharing stories helps us feel more connected to each other, knowing that there are others experiencing similar joys, sorrows, challenges, and crazy life adventures! They can be about dating experiences, relationship issues, mommy issues, moving on after divorce or death, or about loves lost and found. They can be funny, sexy, poignant or all of the above. (If you are male, your stories are welcomed as well! We women would love to hear from you!)

PS…10% of proceeds will go to women’s shelters (to be determined) helping women in need become more self-confident and self-sufficient!


  1. Send in a story that is about you or someone you know. It can be funny, sad, inspirational, or just plain crazy!
  2. It should be written in first person, and written so that it will evoke a range of emotions for the reader, and no more than 1200 words.
  3. Remember that the purpose of these stories is to make the reader laugh, cry, feel inspired, less alone and wanting to share your stories with others.
  4. Please do not submit stories that have been previously published.
  5. If your story is selected, please know that by submitting it, you agree to the fact that they may be edited prior to publication.
  6. Those whose stories are selected will receive a free copy of the book and be a published author!
  7. We would never publish your story without your permission! If selected, we will contact you with the good news, requesting your blessing to print!
  8. Lastly, feel free to submit more than one story!

Just enter your information below and submit!


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